I already know this is all I'm going to be talking about in September.

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From the first line, you can tell Aria is going to be an interesting character. You can tell that the character comes from a relatively privileged background but enjoys being taken seriously for her own merits The line about co-conspirators was sweet in the way that young crushes, especially early queer crushes, are. What starts as a scene that might make the protagonist appear rude and presumptuous to her family actually shows how close she is to her grandmother.

It was exciting to read about the Bay Area and California again! You can tell Malindo Lo writes about the area with both fondness and knowledge. I'm very curious to read more about how her relationship with her mother got to the point it is in the story and if she ends up pursuing some of those connections with her mom's family in Chinatown and East Bay. I love the part where she wishes Steph was a boy so that her summer could be more interesting - almost like foreshadowing that it will certainly be more interesting than she expects.

I like how the story handles slut-shaming and how it impacts women vs. men. I like how it approaches the subtle socioeconomic differences that separate her from her friends. I also enjoy seeing the subtle way that people treat Aria differently due to her heritage - the comment from Lisa about where she was "originally" from is something almost every Asian American deal with at some point.

Steph seems like such a cool character! Butch representation is rarer in lesbian fiction, and I like the description of her having "an easy boyishness to the way she moved." I am ready to become obsessed with her.

The cover is beautiful and the colors are likely to go well together with Last Night at the Telegraph Club. I love how you can see the main characters, but they aren't the main focus of the cover.

I was a little uncertain about this book at first because I had become so attached to the historical setting and characters of Last Night at the Telegraph Club but I am excited to read more about this specific moment in queer history, and I am so curious about all of the characters already!