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Exquisite!!!! Phenomenal!!!

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This book left me speechless! I loved this book so much that I can not wait to read the next. I immediately fell in love with the characters including Bacca, and Aketo. But most importantly I loved the main character Evalina. Reading this book was very inspirational. I loved that the book was located in West Africa with a fantasy twist. This book was action packed throughout the entire book to the point where I always wanted to keep reading in order to find out what happened next. But as far Evalina I loved her so much because I felt like I was able to relate to her. Always was under her older sisters shadow, people look down upon her because she was different and definitely different from her sister Isadore. But at all the others that I feel that we have in common is that when it mattered she was abe to find herself and to be confident in herself. Throughout the book she was on a journey about her magic and what she would be capable of but I loved that towards the end of the book she find herself and yes there were many people that did not like that outcome as far as her sister goes but everyone seemed to be able to embrace her and who she has become. I recommend this book entirely because this was a great read for anyone and everyone. Looking forward to reading the next book. But I will say that it does have the feels from "Children of blood and bone by Tomi Aeyemi" but with a bigger twist and Evalina always had her magic...she just had to find the confidence in herself to use it.