What a great read!!!

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A Nearly Normal Family tells the story from three points of view: The Father, The Daughter and The Mother.

I really liked the way that it was done because it tells the same story from three sides and how each party handles it or their view of what they think the truth is, and you hear a little bit more of the story and events with each side until you, the reader, has the full story.
The side of the mother is where the story wraps up, and if you think you know how it ends, you don’t.

The ending shocked me, I am not sure why. I am not sure if it was because it was so out of the realm, although I get it, of what I, myself would do, or because I was amazed. The ending was amazing to me just because of that exact reason.

The father when he told his story came off as wanting to have a great family and when you hear the daughter or mother’s side you see cracks in his façade.
The daughter is a rebellious and often ungrateful teen.
And the mother is selfish and you can see by her actions why the daughter might act like a turd.

I enjoyed the story and I thought the translation was pretty flawless!