The most suspenseful legal thriller!

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Wow, this was the most suspenseful legal thriller I’ve ever read! Talk about a rollercoaster ride! I think this was one of the easiest books to get hooked on from the very first paragraph. My daughter is starting law school in the fall. I’m going to make her read it. It’s so suspenseful and psychologically thrilling too. The family is easy to fall in love with and relate to, even with them being dysfunctional. The mother is a lawyer. Of course, she would want to help her daughter Stella. She also knows the ins and outs of the legal system and how things aren’t looking so good for her daughter. I was a little upset with the parents for letting the daughter be out all hours of the night at her age. But I got the impression with the story that it’s in another country with a different culture than the US. The I noticed the author is from Sweden. I love reading books set in other countries. This is great. We get a sense of the different rules and laws in that country in regards to our own. Anyway, a Murder takes place where Stella has mounting evidence against her and no alibi. She has a great best friend who will go the extra mile for her. The mother is honest and always wants to do the right thing. Same with the Dad. But as we read, we find out there are secrets in the lives of the parents and also the friend. How far would your friend or parents go far you? What are they willing to sacrifice and give up? You will be shocked at the outcome to this. I think I’ll get the audiobook next because I know this will be one to listen to and read again.