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This is not your normal thriller. No, this book delves deep into many issues and goes way deeper.
This book is told from three points of view. In the beginning Adam (Stella’s father), Stella, then Stella’s mother Ulrika.

Stella is a typical rebellious teen with a best friend who’s hard to hate. Stella does what she wants and is hard for her parents to deal with. In the beginning, Stella is charged with the murder of Christopher Olsen. We don’t know much about her case or why she’s the suspect of this crime.

We begin with the point of view of Stella’s father, a pastor for the church of Sweden. He’s a traditional pastor who can’t believe the crime his daughter is charged with. Adam is trying to get to the bottom of the case against Stella; mainly beginning with the victims ex girlfriend and Stella’s best friend, Amina.

This book explores different points of view to explore the story of Olsen’s murder and why Stella is the prime suspect. This book is an excellent legal thriller that goes through the stages of the case; from the night of the murder to the trial of Stella.

A Nearly Normal Family left me on my toes, grasping for more. I had to know what happened. The author does an amazing job switching between viewpoints to keep you guessing what happens in this amazing legal thriller.