Gripped Me to My Core

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At this time, this was probably the longest book I had read in 2021 and I finished it so quickly. According to my Goodreads account, I started reading this one on July 7th and finished it on July 9th. This 3-part, domestic-thriller was narrated from the viewpoints of a mother, father, and daughter who were all involved in a scandal that almost took them to their breaking point.

18-year-old Stella Sandell was accused on murdering a sleazy business-man across town and at first her parents wouldn't dare speculate their only daughter under such a limelight, but after weeks of uncovering secrets they never knew existed, both Mom and Dad begin to reconsider what they know of their seemingly innocent daughter and question every thought they've ever had.

Back to May's book, My Sister the Serial Killer, Edvardsson writes on the principles of family relationships, and ultimately how far you'd go to take the fall or stand up for a family member, even when they could have done something horribly wrong. Me, being a childless Millennial, I have already answered this prompt so many times in my head, but that's just the thing. I don't have kids. I'm not a parent. I don't fear those types of calls coming in from a correctional facility late at night, not knowing what to believe. I'm sure some of my friends who do have children, or potentially even my OWN parents would answer differently, so really it depends on the situation.