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Definitely a good read

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Book 60 of 2020-A NEARLY NORMAL FAMILY by M. T. Edvardsson
How far would you go to protect the ones you love? That is what Edvardsson’s characters are asked in this legal thriller. The story of a seemingly normal family that is turned upside down when their only daughter is convicted of a brutal murder. The story is told from three perspectives: the father, the daughter, and the mother, and holy hell are they vastly different!
Initially I had a tough time getting into this, but I believe part of that is related to it being a translation from Swedish to English. But the other reason I think is because the author turned my gender-stereotype rolls on their heads. The father is so emotionally driven, constantly needing reassurance and information, while both mother and daughter appear cold and withdrawn. Once I got into these roles though, I liked the flip.
All in all, it was a story of a horrific crime, not committed by the one behind bars, and shows how our legal system (or in this case Sweden’s) will always work against women when they are the victims and the perpetrators. 4/5⭐️