Daddy's Twisted Angel

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wow !!! As a mother of 3 daughters this legal thriller is every parents nightmare . 18 year old Stella is your typical young adult trying to break free from her overprotective parents and gets caught up in being accused of murdering a older and powerful business man . Her father is a pastor and her mom is a lawyer and they do everything they can to help prove thier daughter's innocence . As we all know small towns gossip and Stella's reputation of having a explosive temper is the main thing on many peoples minds including her own parents . I loved how this story was broke up into diferent parts 1st being The father and it takes you through his thoughts and emotional state of mind 2nd The Daughter tells you what Stella is and went through and her strong relationship with her best friend Amina 3rd The Mother walked you through what she felt as mom and not knowing if she can save her child . I was not expecting the twists and turns I got and the ending was a surprise in itself . I reccomend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery .