Thoroughly enjoyed (First look)

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I read a first look of this book and can say I definitely need to purchase it to see what happens next. I originally looked at this book and wasn’t quite sure whether to purchase based on the blurb, but after reviewing the first couple of chapters it’s now on my must read list.

Ning feels a lot of responsibility for her family and the negatives that have befallen them, feeling that she should have headed the warnings in the tea. She sets out to win a completion that has the power to grant her help for her dying sister before it’s too late. Although not fully practiced in the art and having started down a different career she feels she has no choice but to enter.

A magic steeped in poison is well written and quite easy to devour. The story flows well and it has many great elements from fantasy, to adventure and culture. I read the extract quickly and was sad that I didn’t have anything further to read. I cannot wait to purchase the book for myself and find out where the novel goes.