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Oh my goodness this world is absolutely amazing! The main character has to enter a contest around crafting magic tea ceremonies- except she wasn't the one who trained for this, her sister was and now her sister is sick and her mother is dead from a poison tea brick the main character served! She has to fight with the guilt she feels over preparing the poison tea with finding out who is responsible for distributing them in the first place and getting justice.

She is on a mission to win the contest and get the best doctors to save her sister, all the while avoid falling for the mysteriously hansome man who could spell trouble or letting anyone figure out she has entered as an imposter.

The care that went into the writing of this book shines through in the prose and when anyone prepares tea, you can feel the magic leaping off the page.
This was a start to a fantastic duology and after finishing a Magic Steeped in poison I pre-ordered the second book so fast!

I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.