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Okay, so what first drew me to this book was twofold: one, the title is so fun and catchy; A Magic Steeped in Poison could contain just about anything, and honestly I love that kind of title. Secondly, I really love the color palate of this book. Most fantasies are black and blue and red but this one is gold and pink and cream and it just catches the eye. I love it.

There's a lot to love about this story. The characters are fun and only made me roll my eyes a few times, which is saying a lot about a young adult novel. I loved the complicated magic, and the complicated character interactions really sold the story for me. Fantasy Asia is always fun, and everything springs off the page in a really enjoyable way.

The only con is that I felt the story go a little bit muddled around the end. There was a lot to happen and not enough space and I felt like the conclusion didn't do the book justice. Good thing there's a sequel!