Magic Steeped in Adventure

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I want to start and say can we take a moment and admire how beautiful this book is the cover is astonishing. Okay on to the review. This book quickly became one of my favoritesthe character of Ning is so likable and tough while still caring about the people around her that you really want to see her succeed.
Set in a world where Ancient China Magic can be wielded through the use of tea Ning journeys to the capital to take part in a tea brewing compation but her dreams of a simple life to support her family are thrown out the window when she finds herself swept up into the middle of court politics and palace intrege. Caught between literally every other character in the book you get to have a deeper appreciation for tea as Ning does what she can to not become the next target. Plue there is a wonderful romantic subplot that is just as delisious as all the food they describe in the book.
I loved every page and cant wait for the next book to come out.