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Blending threads of mythology with courageous heroines and hints of romance against a mysterious fantastical backdrop inspired by folklore has recently found a huge space on bookshelves, and deservedly so. Whether it’s the recent YA fantasy, The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh that retells a Korean folktale or the recent adult debut, Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan that is inspired by the Chinese legend of the moon goddess Chang’e. It’s time to make space on the shelf for A Magic Steeped in Poison — front-facing, of course, for the stunning cover illustrated by Sija Hong deserves all the attention. The whole book was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading finished it in a few hours! (Really fast for me) Usually it takes me days or even weeks to finish books but this book was entirely different. I have already bought the second books