Lots of Food and Poor Plot

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I was so looking forward to this book. The cover, the premises, the everything seemed just perfect for an encapsulating read. But it fell flat.

The more I think about this book, the more I dislike it. The only redeeming parts of it are the gorgeous passages about the food, but I know many of my friends felt sickened by those parts.

Things I enjoyed
- The Cover is STUNNING
- The concept of tea-based magic is so interesting.
- A Royal competition? Sign me up!

Things I Didn't Enjoy
- Ning was so 2D. She didn't feel fully formed and, as the MC, it made everything seem a bit lacking.
- The rest of the plot other than the competition. The competition was great, but everything else had hardly anything happening. It was boring and lacking.
-The Magic system seemed not thought out and the world didn't seem truly touched by the magic system. it all felt out of place in the world.