I Expected Better

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I liked this one, I just wish it had a bit more. The first half was wayyy too slow for my tastes, and although it picked up, I still wasn't entirely engaged. Ill admit that the amount of plots going on at the end had me entertained, albeit a bit confused. I almost feel like this couldve been a standalone, but im excited to see where this goes, so I'll ignore that. I also with we'd had a bit more romance between Kang and Ning. They were super cute together, so I would've loved some more fluffy moments with them. I absolutely loved the magic system though, the tea was something I'd never seen before, and i dont expect to see again. The world itself was super enchanting, the author's descriptions really brought it to life. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, because even though this one wasn't a favorite, I have high hopes for A Venom Dark and Sweet!