Great book!

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This is not my normal genre, but I was intrigued after reading the first few chapters! Great story, with lots of twists and turns. Just when you think you have it figured out-surprise! I liked Ning, and the love she showed and what she was willing to do to save her sister. The whole competition for the new Shennong-shi for the palace was quite intriguing, and the different rounds were creative. I found the magic and the out of body experiences interesting.
I liked the authors style of writing, and she was so descriptive! In everything from the food, clothing, flowers, the palace- it was all so vividly described, you felt like you were actually there! I appreciated the whole glossary at the end with the different Chinese terms and medicinal ingredients. And oh, the ending! It did not end how I thought it would! It looks like there is another story coming out this year, will have to check it out!