Cover and content, both beautiful

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The first thing that attracted me to reading this book is its gorgeous cover. I remember seeing the covers of the two books and immediately requesting digital galleys to read in advance.

I was a bit sure that I won't fully like this because I have a streak with my recent cover buys but Judy I. Lin definitely delivered the goods in the story.

Competition, magic system that is based on tea-making, and a murder mystery waiting to be solved - I didn't know that these are the ingredients to a successful fantasy novel.

I had no hard time connecting with the author's writing style and it was convincing in narrating the story.

The plot, I love the dynamics of the story in a way that the pacing is not too accelerating - there are pauses and breather scenes but the author knows when to pick it up again and engage the reader in folllowing the story.

Overall,a great read.