An imaginative and exciting story!

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A Magic Steeped in Poison is a beautiful and imaginative story that I had a lot of fun reading. I absolutely adored that the magic system was based off of different types of tea and it was such a creative way to explore this world. The plot was relatively fast-paced, which really helped keep the story going and kept me hooked the entire time. I also appreciated all of the focus on friendship and family that felt very genuine and lovely.

My main complaints are mainly that I found the plot itself was a little lacking and I didn't connect with the plot or the characters quite as much as I had hoped to. Some of the miscommunication issues felt a little frustrating and the story felt somewhat similar in a general sense, but overall it really was a good book and I really am glad I had an opportunity to read it.

And just to end on an extra positive note–can we all appreciate how beautiful that cover is??