A magical tea based competition

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The cover for this book is beautiful. I’m obsessed every time I see it. I wanted to like it more than I did. I wasn’t as invested as I had wanted. The beginning was a little slow and it picked up and then dropped off in the middle for me. But the ending! Man that was really good. I’m actually interested to read the next book. I love the mythology and tea magic is such an interesting concept. I liked the characters but I thought they felt a little flat at times. There were so many people to keep track of I got confused who was who. Hopefully in the next book we get some different focus so it’s not as confusing. I also appreciated how even though there’s some romance here it’s not the main focus. There’s plenty of unanswered questions I’m ready to know the answers to when I read the next book. I will probably read the sequel soon! The cover there is just as beautiful as the coveted for the first book.