A Magic Steeped in Poison Review

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I actually really liked this book! was pretty bummed i never won it but i would totally buy this book and read it again! Really liked the characters and i loved the cover.

I read this book more than 3 months after it was published or didn't review it "in time" to get any points. I'm not going to waste time making special reviews for this site any longer unless I get points for it. Petty i know but I am seeking these books out to read every book on this site and finding the books is hard enough, writing super long reviews for nothing is no fun. This will be copy and pasted on to older books i have read as a place holder for me to see i have read this book for this site. I will still give a review for each book but they will not be a 700 characters long. Part of the reason it takes me so long to review the books on here is find the time to sit and write for 15 minutes about each and every book.