A political intrigue book with tea!

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This book seems so interesting! The synopsis tells me that the book involves tea and that this will play a big theme in it (as does the cover with the steam that turns into the koi fish). The book involves a mystery and I'm sure we're going to find out that it wasn't actually the MC who killed her own mother but it was something else. I'm also curious as to whether Assassin's Teapots will play into the book. The cover is also super intriguing. The tea is front and center in the book, but above the word poison which tells me that the teapot in particular has poison in it. I love the flowers on the cover, as they were and are still used to flavor tea. The koi are also interesting because I don't think they play into the tea component, but rather the court politics (ying and yang kinda thing?). The colors are also intriguing, as they're tea/flower colors. Reminds me a lot of Spin the Dawn and Gravemaidens, so I'm very excited for this read.