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I can sum up my thoughts about A Good Marriage in one word: WOW. The story was incredibly well-paced and I couldn't stop flipping the pages deep into the night. I had no idea where this one was going and where all the tangled vines of this story would take me, but I couldn't wait to find out. However, this element of the story having so many completely outrageous plot lines and extraordinary coincidences (Amanda's backstory, Lizzie's backstory, Sam's alcoholism, the Country Day parents, the hacking, the kids, the party) was also the book's downfall toward the end. Some of these were tied up loosely, some neat and packaged with a bow, and others seemed to trail off into nothingness and were never really resolved. And one of my biggest problems was the fact that a dead woman was the only likeable character in this whole thing. Nevertheless, I thought that A Good Marriage was a FANTASTIC read and I can't wait to see what Kimberly McCreight comes up with next.