Worth the slow-burn!

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Although it was a bit of a slow burn, that didn’t stop me from enjoying this one because it was the perfect legal thriller for me!!

The complexities each character had throughout the whole book was one of my favorite parts. Lizzie was a strong lawyer and knew what she had to do. I admired her resilience throughout Zack’s trial and her determination to find out the truth. Becoming a lawyer is something I regret not pursuing early on in my life, but reading legal thrillers always gives me that escape into the courtroom and behind the scene scenarios.

I admired Lizzie's resilience throughout the legal battle and if I was up against her, I'd probably just plead guilty because she rocks at her job.

This is one of my favorite legal thrillers and I look forward to checking out more books by Kimberly McCreight in the future!!

This book is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.