Solid domestic thriller

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A wealthy wife/mother in Brooklyn is found murdered and her husband (of course) ends up the main suspect. He calls on an old friend from law school to help prove he’s innocent.

I read this right after watching The Undoing, and the parallels of rich Brooklyn/NY housewives mixed up in nefarious activities with their husbands hit hard. There's unreliable characters, lots of money and power in play, and plenty of side plots to both serve as red herrings and added commentary on this upper class clique. The book starts out with Amanda Grayson's death, and walks you back through the days proceeding to find out what happened. I really liked this aspect of the story's structure. It hooked me and kept me guessing throughout.

I also really enjoyed Kimberley McCreight's writing & pacing. I did not guess who did it, or any of the twists throughout. She keeps you engaged and invested with the characters relationships that it's not a surprise, but still surprising in the end.