Slow moving thriller

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This is a slow moving mystery/thriller with several different plot lines. Things start to pick up around the 80% mark and everything quickly comes together in a way I didn't expect.

Things are not what they seem when defense attorney Lizzie gets a phone call from an old friend. Her former classmate and friend Zach has been arrested for assault and is suspected in the murder of his wife. Lizzie isn't sure she is the right lawyer for Zach given her conflict of interest and lack of defense experience. As she learns more about the case and start to get invested in the life of her old friend, she know she has to piece together what happened that night. Zach also has information on Lizzie that she doesn't want to be made public, so with that she takes the case and continues to work on it. Zach and his wife Amanda life a posh life, but things surrounding her murder don't add up. Testimony from their friends and colleagues paint a much different picture than the perfect picture frame photo of a life that everyone thinks Zach and Amanda have in Brooklyn. At the same time Lizzie's own personal life is spiraling out of control and is somehow linked to what happened to Amanda. The more Lizzie learns about Amanda, the more she learns that there are many players in this game and any one of them could have done it.

It is rare that I have no idea what is going on in a book. I had no idea where the plot was heading as far as who done it. This has a ton of twists and turns, and when the author started to reveal what was really going on, I had no idea what was going on. The end was excellent! I really thought all the revolving plots came together nicely. In the beginning I wasn't sure how it was all going ot come together but it did. I also liked the addition of the juror testimony and the investigation notes regarding what was happening with the cyber security breach at the school where all of the families children attend. Now if you haven't read the book yet, you are thinking, how does that come into play, and while I was reading it I thought the same thing. As things come to a close, all of those testimonies and updates to the school make alot more sense.

If you like domestic dramas with that lean more on the legal side, give this a go. I thought it was well written and had some really good twists and turns.

I was provided an ARC of this book via the publisher but opted to listen to the final version of the audiobook. The audio is very well narrated.