PYSCHO-logical Thriller!

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This was everything a good thriller needs - sex, lies, betrayal, murder and suspense.

The story starts with Lizzie getting a call from an old law school friend, Zach, who got in trouble for assaulting a cop after his wife is found dead and is being held until the prosecutors can come up with enough to charge him for his wife's murder.

From there, the story takes a slow burn through the life and backstory of Zach, Amanda, Lizzie, and the Country Day school that Zach and Amanda's kids attend - things aren't always as they seem on the outside!

I really enjoyed Kimberley McCreight's writing and the fantastic way she put the story together. Not once did I guess the ending of the story. Fans of Harlan Coben's style of writing (multiple stories merging into one) will be a fast fan of The Good Marriage. I found myself thoroughly engrossed and engaged during the entire book and I got locked into finishing the last 100-150 pages in one sitting.