Okay Thriller

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I got this book from Book of the Month so I think I went into reading this book with such high expectations that when it didn’t reach them I just felt disappointed in the book. It wasn’t a bad book there were a lot of good things about the book like it was a good plot line and the twists and turns were good. This book was a new plot for a very popular genre.
The things I really didn’t enjoy about the book was that it just didn’t really hold its own against other psychological thrillers set around a bad marriage. I also really never liked the characters. I thought throughout the book they would grow on me but they never did. I had to push myself to get through the book because I found my mind wondering away from the story line. I wish I enjoyed this book as much as everyone else did but it was a disappointment for me. There are plenty of good reviews so it might just not be my style.