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I loved Kimberly McCreight’s book Reconstructing Amelia so I was really looking forward to reading A Good Marriage, but I was a little let down by this book.

The story started off really promising for me, but then as more and more secrets were unveiled, I felt like there were too many distractions being thrown at the reader. A few of the twists did intrigue me and I was curious to find out who killed Amanda, but I also have a number of questions that need to be answered after finishing the book.

Overall, if you aren’t looking to be shocked and just want an intriguing stern, I would definitely encourage you to pick this book up. McCreight is a great storyteller and she will keep you hooked while you read. I actually see this book working out really well as a TV mini series and would like to see it transferred to the small screen, I think fleshed out that way could be the stern and drama I was craving!