Not as thrilling

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I find when I’m going to read a Thriller I can not know much about it. Thrillers normally are a fail to me as I’ve figured out the main point or I just don’t get connected with the plot. I would say this thriller did get me but then again I feel like I won’t remember the story in the next couple months. I don’t mean to be harsh as it’s really me that’s the problem. The author did a good job keeping each character story in line and making it east to follow the multi perspective views. I was intrigued how this mystery was going to unfold and was never able to guess it. The author keeps you on your toes and then throws a curve ball your way. I suggest going to audiobook route and the narrator was very entertaining. I would pick another book up from this author. If you are into Thrillers this book would be perfect for you. I also want to add that I love this cover!