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Author Kimberly McCreight does it again with this thrilling page turner analyzing what defines a good marriage and how even the best marriages are only good by appearances. In “A Good Marriage,” we meet Lizzie, a lawyer who is unwillingly tasked into helping a long ago friend find out who killed his wife so he can be cleared of her murder. Throughout the book, the reader also follows the last few days of the murder victims’ life-Amanda as she tries to live a life that she didn’t want to ultimately be in while attempting to chase a ghost of her past. When everything comes together, we find that nothing is as it seemed- in the murder of Amanda or in Lizzie’s. I love the focus that this author gives to each characters story and how this focus paints a story of not only love, but deceit, pain and forgiveness. This story does a great job of describing how all marriages and lives are not the same, even if the outward pictures appears so. I will follow this author anyway!