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This book was a fun, fast-paced thriller. I flew through it. If you liked Gone Girl, The Woman in Cabin 10, or Big Little Lies, this is the book for you. This was more of a legal thriller than I expected, which I enjoyed. It was really fascinating because it provided the perspective of the lawyer when investigating and building the case. The way that viewpoints switched to different characters kept tension high and kept the plot moving.

I thought for the most part the author avoided overused cliches or tropes that I am tired of reading. There were parts that I think have been overdone lately in thrillers, but the author didn’t beat you over the head with it and it didn’t ruin it for me.

This does deal with domestic issues (hence the title), violence (it is a murder mystery), and sexual themes. I didn’t find it especially gruesome or upsetting though.

Overall great mystery/thriller!