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First of all 31 pages was More than enough to get me hooked. I loved the way that the author switch between different characters point of view. I really liked the chapters we’re short sweet simple into the point. What I found really interesting was that the author included to choose a transcript of a trial that was it that had to do with the book. That’s something that I haven’t really seen done in a lot of thrillers, but it already peaked my interest. I also really Enjoy that thrown in with this idea of some thing taboo, like adult sex parties. It was an extremely graphic however I did get a feeling of what was going on. I feel like this really shows a good viewpoint of upper east end New York families, sending their kids to do school, and then all the sudden something changes at a giant sex party. Who could want more? I am hooked and I think even just reading the first few pages will get your mind moving, and questioning what actually happened at this party.