Great thriller

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I purchased a copy of this book on my own from the subscription service book of the month. This review may contain spoilers!

I loved this book. The main character Lizzi helps her old college friend Zach who is accused of killing his wife. Ge black mails her into helping him do the case for free. Typical thrillers set up like this I already know the accused is innocent, but this one i kept thinking ok maybe he did do it since he's behaving this way. This is one i will think about for a long time. The red herrings in this novel really got me. That reveal at the end was super solid and really surprised me. The authors writing was so convincing i believed everything until i was told it was something else.
I will 100 percent be waiting for another book from this author, hopefully another legal thriller like this one. Highly reccomend to anyone who is interested in starting with legal thrillers but is nervous to dip their toes in the water.