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Holy cow what a great, suspenseful thriller! I loved Kimberly McCreight’s debut novel, ‘Reconstructing Amelia’, so was in hopes that this novel would also be just as good and I was not disappointed in the least! I love how she develops her characters - with good detail and just enough to keep you engaged - and how she tells the story. The twists and turns in this one were so good and they were believable. I try not to over analyze when I read but sometimes the scenarios or plot twists just leave you questioning the reality or plausibility of it and I end up disappointed. But that is definitely not the case with this novel.

The story centers on the investigation into the murder of Amanda Grayson, one of several friends among an elite group in a nice neighborhood. She and her friends were at an annual party where anyone could be the suspect. There are so many details with this group of people, the school the kids go to, the backgrounds of the individuals involved, the blackmailing, and more that you cannot wait to read what is going to turn up next.

My understanding is that the novel has been optioned for a TV series by Nicole Kidman, who was perhaps drawn to its similarities to “Big Little Lies.” I think that is a good comparison, which is another novel I loved, but this one definitely stands on its own. Great, highly recommended read!