epic domestic thriller!

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This was one of my BOTM choices a while back!

This was an awesome domestic thriller! Psychological thrillers are my THING - I tend to read more of them than any other genre at the end of the day. This one was pretty dang good from what I can recall - and the plotline kept me guessing till the very end! I promise that even if you THINK you know what's really going on in this one... you do NOT. You know nothing. The confusion and endless possibilities of the plot will keep you turning page after page. I think I went through this one in less than a week for sure. Be warned! This book is going to take over your entire brain for a few days!!!

You may find yourself asking: what truly makes a good marriage? Do I really know my partner? Could he/she be capable of something this insane?! [and so many crazy thoughts!]

Overall I would recommend to any and all psych thriller fans.