Big Little Lies Vibes

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Read this liked “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty and/or you enjoy domestic suspense with a side of courtroom drama.

Lizzie Kitsakis is an attorney who gets a call from a former law school classmate, Zach Grayson, asking her to defend him against a murder charge. He’s been accused of killing his wife, but Zach swears he’s innocent. Lizzie has got enough on her plate right now, dealing with her husband’s alcoholism and the debt that has caused. When she takes the job, Lizzie starts doing some investigating of her own on Zach’s behalf and she gets to know the parents and friends of the Graysons who live in the Park Slope community. She learns quickly that these spouses are far from traditional and is left questioning both her marriage and Zach’s innocence.

I finally read this one! It’s only took me 2 years to get to it. Overall, I thought this was pretty good. It was driven more by the characters and their secrets than the murder trial. I liked that trial transcripts were interspersed between chapters to keep the trial on the reader’s mind. I’m not really big on legal thrillers so this was just the right amount of courtroom drama. I got major Big Little Lies vibes from this as I got to know more and more about the various relationships. It made for a juicy read.