An Engaging Mystery

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A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight was an engaging, interesting story. I enjoyed reading the novel and found it to be a great escapist. Summer in Park Slope, Brooklyn was more eventful than I could have imagined once the children were off from their private school and on their way to sleep-away summer camp. Once a year Maude and her husband Sebe host a “summer soirée” with an upper floor of the house available for sexual excursions with spouses other than their own. FYI: these escapades were merely referred to throughout, intimate, details and descriptions are not part of the overall story. Although I was initially hesitant and unsure about the subject-matter, it was not the focus of the book and I wasn’t uncomfortable reading it.

The night of the party one of the friends, Amanda, is found dead at the bottom of her stairs. Her husband, Zach, is taken to Rikers, not for his wife’s murder, but for assaulting an officer. This is a ruse, of course, because the police most certainly suspect the husband, as they always do, and are holding him to gather more evidence to charge him.

Zach reaches out to Lizzie, a friend he attended law school with to represent him, and she also has her own back-story that draws in the reader.

These characters are privileged and flawed. Their behavior is questionable and entitled, most are not likable, and yet I couldn’t stop reading. There were a few instances toward the end of the novel that were too convenient, detracting from the conclusion, and the reason I deducted one star.