Absolutely amazing murder thriller!

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“The truth worms its way out, and the horizon grows dark. Eventually all you’re left with is somebody who sees you for who you really are. And sooner or later, they hold up a mirror and you’re forced to see for yourself.”

A Good Marriage was a gripping story from the very first page. I loved all the many aspects of this book, it had marriage, love, loss, murder, lies, and so many plot twists. Honestly, some of the twists and turns had me outright shocked. I love a suspenseful murder mystery and right from the beginning that is what I got.

In this book we have two perspectives and timelines, Lizzie is present time and has some marriage issues herself. While staying late one day at work, she receives an inmate call from a prison, the prisoner, Zach is an old colleague of hers. She listens to his story and somehow becomes his lawyer. Who is Zach you ask? The husband of our other main character, Amanda. Her story is told in past tense, to the day leading up to her murder. Everyone thinks Zach murdered his wife, and from the way their marriage looks it definitely was not a good marriage. From the outside looking in you assume they have a good marriage, but lies and secrets were involved. Now, you would think that would be the story line and that’s it. Nope. The author weaves in so many tiny plots, that in the end they all come together in this huge climax that had me absolutely stunned.

You can tell the author put so much effort into this book and it really paid off. I love books that keep you on the edge of your seat and this one completely did. I really enjoy books that you truly think you know what’s going to happen, but in the flip of a page the author puts in such a crazy twist that everything you thought you knew was wrong. I really had no idea how this book was going to end, but after reading it, I think the ending fit so well and was quite satisfying to read.