A Who Done It for the Ages

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OMG what did I just read! This is a MUST for crime seekers, Gone Girl lovers and anyone seeking a good mystery! I am so blessed that bookish first allowed me a first look at this novel. Guys, I thought I knew who killed Amanda but I was COMPLETELY wrong!!
Readers, beware! This book will keep you up at night and wondering who actually killed Amanda. The author flashes back between characters and allows you to see time from both Amanda and other main characters.
I appreciated the length of this book however, I felt that not all the details were necessary. It added up to a beautiful story but not everything needed to be put down. For example, it was random to learn about Amanda's school friends and her off type behaviors.
I recommend this novel to anyone who needs a break from reality. This book will allow the reader to move to the NYC scene and take a murder mystery adventure.