Hints and Innuendo Galore in this First Impression!

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I was totally impressed with how the author drew me into the story from the beginning. What’s not to like about an attorney who is seeking M&M’s while she works late at night. So many interesting details are included in this first impression of this book that it’s hard to include them all! Zach, an old college friend of attorney Lizzie, suddenly calls because he has been arrested for assaulting a policeman and he found his wife dead. That was a wow moment for me! Zach tells Lizzie about the assault before he mentions the fact that Amanda is dead. Lizzie hurries out of the office to meet him at Rikers and the scene quickly switches to a testimony of someone named Lucy. She was describing a party in which there was partner swapping and the fact that she saw Amanda at the party and Amanda looked scared. More hints of things to look forward to as the story progresses! The final magnetic draw to the story was when the POV switched to Amanda and the time changed to before her death. Amanda is intimidated easily and seems like a little mouse who just goes along with what Zach wants, even moving from California to New York before the school year ended for their son Case. Amanda apparently does try to protect Case but sometimes, like with this move, it seems that she has to give in to Zach. The whole first impression was a trip into a book that I just have to read! I want to find out more about Zach and Lizzie. I want to know what led to mousy little Amanda’s death. And I want to know who is writing the prologue from prison!