A Mysterious Death

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Lizzie works late at her law firm, yet hates her job. She seems very real, since most of us do hate our jobs. A friend calls from Rikers because he's found his wife dead and is then arrested for her murder (not wanting ro leave her). He then assaulted an officer. This character also represents reality.
Lizzie doesn't want to represent Zach, she feels unqualified but she goes to see him in jail.
Next, there is a transcript from Zach's trial and we learn that his wife had gone to a party where people traded sexual partners.
Then, we jump back to 6 days before the party. Amanda is Zach's wife who works at her husband's foundation. Friend and coworker Sarah wants to attend a "PTA" meeting and she wants Amanda to attend also as moral support.
The excerpt I read made you wonder what really happened at the "PTA" meeting. Did this actually turn into an orgy? Did someone target Amanda because of the party? Or, did her husband find out what happened (infidelity) and really kill her?
This all tends to make the reader want to read more to find out what really happened. Really good mysteries always keep you guessing and who does not love an intriguing book?