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A Treasure Island Remix? Sign me up! I hope the publisher continues to publish these, because A Clash of Steel was a joyful retelling of a classic treasure hunt story. I loved the main characters, Xiang and Anh, and really enjoyed their friendship. Xiang is a sheltered girl from China whose mother is often gone overseeing the family business; Anh grew up on the high seas with her family.

What I really enjoyed about this remix was the 1820s Chinese flair that C.B. Lee added to it. I loved being immersed in the historic and cultural elements of the story. From enjoying the breeze by the river with Xiang to sailing the high seas with Anh and her family, Lee weaves a lush and intricate tapestry of the 1820s.

The piracy elements are so fun, and the treasure hunt aspect left me guessing and wanting more. I truly do hope that Macmillan continues with these classic remixes. They are such a blast!