A lesson worth treasuring

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Classic books endure because their stories connect with readers generation after generation. The same can and should be said for this remix. This new rendition is more than just an epic pirate adventure. It is, at its most fundamental, a story for dreamers and for anyone who has ever wanted more in their life that the status quo. It is also a lesson in love, the value of true treasure, and the cost of greed. When Xiang sets out to prove to her mother that she can be more than a wife she discovers the pleasure of free will and hard work. Regardless of being a new comer to the cargo ship, she is accepted without cause for her contributed efforts and her willingness to hold her own and learn the ropes. While she is also valued for her ability to lead the crew to the famous cache of treasure hidden by the legendary Dragon fleet she proves she is not as naive as she is perceived to be. This was an enjoyable story with an interesting bit of historical contexts added to it. I would easily recommend along side the old classic.