Ridiculous Exagerated Behavior

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It's a simple plot that's been done before many times, people looking for their biological father. This one changes it up a bit by there being 3 teens looking for their father but they all behave in such unrealistic ways that it's hard to really get into the story. I liked that it did move at a fast pace but it was still hard to overlook the characters ridiculous behaviors. I didn't really care about any of them. They seem to hate each other one day then like each other the next and are all so stereotypical it hurts to read. I really struggled to get through this book. The dialogue also had a tendency to be bad to the point of cringeworthy, especially in the character of Dylan, who knows the guy is being a stalker and yet is totally into it. It's like reading Twilight with Bella just being cool with Edward doing all sorts of red flag behavior that for an unexplicable reason is viewed as endearing. I advise everyone to go watch You and see why you say no to stalkers.