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Thoughtful Novel on Our Future

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Your One & Only is a thoughtful look into cloning, human emotions, and the future of our planet.
Althea 310 is just like all of the other Altheas of her group. She looks just likes them, acts just likes them, and communes with them mentally. Her world is run by nine lines of clones who keep their small world perfect: no emotions that are not productive and no individuality. They believe that this will keep them from the extinction that happened to their human predecessors. Althea believes this too-until Jack arrives. As part of the clones elements, they create a human to learn from his genetics and his behavior. He is an instant outcast. Only Althea seems to have any empathy for this boy: a boy that is about to change their world forever.
I really enjoyed this novel. I was taken in by the idea of a utopia but I knew philosophically it wouldn't work. The first two third of the book takes those pieces apart and makes you think, makes you feel. The last third becomes more of an adventure tales with explosions and escapes. While this was entertaining, I was hoping for a more cerebral ending. But don't let that stop you from reading this. I felt so much for the characters and I loved how the book continued to prove that nothing is black and white.