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I want more!

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The cover for this one is intriguing, the hearts is a giveaway its going to be some form of romance but the DNA helix intrigues the reader, giving them a glimpse that this could be a science fiction story as well. However, the characterization of Althea 310, the world building, the introduction of Jack the human in this dystopian world of clones makes the reader just want to keep on reading. Plus the isolation of Jack, being different, being human in a world of perfect clones is also a fantastic way of giving a glimpse of young adulthood. The fear of being an outcast. What's surprising is Althea 310, she is a clone and like the rest of her kind is part of a hive, in fact their society is definitely giving me vibes of a bee colony. And the first few chapters are just enough to hook me as a reader to finding out how the story is going to develop. Althea and Jack are the surprises in this story plus why Jack was given life in the first place is definitely a mystery just waiting to be solved.