Sean and Jamie's Interminable and Boring Bike Ride

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Unemployed during the pandemic, married couple Sean and Jamie embark on a 350-mile long bike ride.

Good thing this memoir was short or I wouldn't have made it to the end. And even then, it was a close call. Sean and Jamie's "adventure" was so boring to read about, and I didn't have much patience for Sean's tangents which even he stated were only to increase his word count. Other reviews dubbed this book "hilarious" but I thought the author tried way too hard to be funny. And he just wasn't. It also promised to remind me of life's treasures but I didn't feel that either because hello, they often seemed to bike at their own pace and away from each other!

Here's my book summary so you don't waste your time reading it: Sean and Jamie biked 350 miles and it was hard.

Lastly, I'm sad and disappointed that such an amazing title was wasted on such a dud.

I received an advance copy of this book from BookishFirst. All opinions are my own.