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This is a hilarious novel of love and affection that kept me chuckling to myself the entire time. This story really is a feel-good novel, which was a much-needed reprieve from all the tumult in the world at the moment. This isn't only a funny story, but Dietrich plants life wisdom as Sean and Jamie travel along over three hundred miles of bike trails. I couldn't believe this was a true story, and I really admire Dietrich for his resilience. Jamie was a hilarious figure with a spine of steal, and I thought she is a modern warrior.

One thing I love about this novel is that it takes the dark and depressing and adds light to the situation. This takes place right after the COVID-19 pandemic, yet Sean and Jamie refuse to let that get them down.

This was such a fun read, and once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. Thank you so much for my copy! I can't wait to read it again.