Woven in Moonlight Review

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WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT is a lush fantasy that transports the reader into the world of Inkasisa, a place which is frequently under revolt by different tribes. This stand-alone was beautifully written, and I completely devoured it. Ximena has been a decoy to the Condesa (title of an Illustrian queen) since she was eight years old and had been found by a guard after the revolution left her an orphan. When the Llacsan king, Atoc, demands that Catalina (the true Condesa) marry him, Ximena must of course take her place.

She does so hoping she can spy on him and send messages back. In particular, they are searching for the Estrella, a magical item that can command a ghost army and had won the revolt for the Llacsans. As Ximena journeys to the palace, she realizes darker truths about the state of the current king and the history of her people, which was one of oppression over the other tribes.

With messages about politics, ethics, and the path to doing what is right, this magical fantasy is an enthralling read. The characters, world-building, and magic are all unique and really drive forward a lovely story. Add that on to an interesting plot and the fact that this is a stand-alone, and you have an unforgettable read.

Towards the end, there are some bumps in the plot, which I hope will be smoothed during editing, as some of the actions of certain characters- while overall necessary for plot- just did not quite seem to fit. These were minor, however. I would add some warnings for domestic violence, torture (graphic at times), and ritual sacrifice, as well as past child bride type mentions.

Overall, this is a beautifully constructed story, and I would love to read more from this talented author. Please note that I received an ARC. All opinions are my own.