What a great magical piece of historical fiction!

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I loved this one! It was a fun read, but also showed a lot of growth of the main character. It was like an alternate history of the Spanish conquistadors, but with magic, where the native amerindios are able to make a come back and take back their land. I loved the character development for Ximena, she has to learn a lot about her people being in the wrong and coming to that kind of realization is hard and I enjoyed watching it come together for her. The magical element was a great addition to the story and I really loved how it manifested differently for different characters, especially her magical weaving ability, which came with a few fun surprises. I think that the world building could have been pushed more, because everything about the world this takes place in seemed small to me, like I couldn't imagine more than a few hundred total people in this whole region. But I really enjoyed it and tore through the book in just a couple days!